The Palette Project Details

The Palette is a 99 years leasehold condominium located at Pasir Ris Grove in District 18. Constructed in 2016, this condominium complex features 892 units extending over an expansive landscape of 461,315 square feet. It features three massive infinity pools and a stunning clubhouse shrouded by nature, offering a resort-like experience. Each apartment block is also tactfully laid out in interlocking pairs creating a distinctive wave formation which optimises the block-to-block spacing and ensures a panoramic view for every unit. This dynamic facade, coupled with the north-south orientation of the complex, facilitates exposure to the cooling sea breeze creating bright, airy and naturally ventilated homes.

The Palette Developer:
City Development Limited (CDL) is a leading global real estate company and one of the largest companies by market capitalisation listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). With an established track record of 55 years in property development, the Group has developed over 43,000 homes in Singapore and owns approximately 23 million square feet of gross floor area globally.

Hong Leong Group is one of the significant commercial landowners in Singapore, possessing over 8 million square feet in retail, industrial and residential space. In 2013 alone, almost one in five Singapore homes sold were built by the Hong Leong Group, solidifying its status as the largest developer in the residential market.

The Palette Location:
The Palette is located within a private enclave of Coco Palms, D’Nest, Livia, and NV Residences in Pasir Grove, which are all wholly developed by Hong Realty (Private) Limited and City Development Ltd. Furthermore, The Palette, tucked away within D’Nest, NV Residences and Elias Green Condominiums, it is well insulated from the TPE noise pollution.

Pasir Ris’ appeal comes partly from the many parks and water bodies within easy reach of its residents; Pasir Ris Park, Pasir Ris Beach, Pasir Ris Town Park and Lorong Halus Wetland. The abundance of nature offers the residents of The Palette an escape from the hubbub of city life. Additionally, the Palette is strategically located near Pasir Ris beach without any major expressways crossing between these two landmarks, making it convenient for families to visit Pasir Ris Beach.

Photo Credits: NParks: Pasir Ris Park

Moreover, the extensive Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network (ECPCN) is arguably one of Singapore’s most developed cycling trails. Comprising seven Park Connectors, the ECPCN spans 42 km linking up famous beaches at East Coast, Changi Beach and Pasir Ris. This continuous network of cycling paths also improves commutes between the three neighbouring towns (Pasir Ris, Tampines and Bedok) and provides residents with more transport options.

The Palette Unit Layout:
The Palette offers 9 unit options ranging from 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom plus study, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom plus study, 4 Bedroom, 4 Bedroom Dual Key, 4 Bedroom plus study Penthouse, 5 Bedroom Penthouse.

1 Bedroom Unit Types

The one-bedroom units generally consist of one bedroom and a bathroom with the living and kitchen space singly combined. The approximate floor space for a single bedder unit ranges from 45 to 49 square metres (SQM), making The Palette on the larger end of the scale. The simplistic approach to unit design and minimalistic layout makes this unit apt for those planning to stay single for the long term. Such shoebox units also appeal to retirees and couples without children, given the ease of access to amenities like the gyms and infinity pools mentioned above. Communal spaces are also aplenty, making gatherings and familial events easier to host. Most of all, the one-room units are generally inward-facing (Stacks 31, 42, 59, 62), offering the best views while maintaining the occupant’s privacy.

2 Bedroom/ 2 Bedroom Plus Study:

For professional singles or serial hobbyists with more significant space needs, an appropriate unit size would be between 50 to 69 SQM. While they require more space for recreational or home-working purposes, it does not warrant the condition for a family quarter. As such, the two-bedroom or two bed-room with study size would be perfect depending on their living requirements.

Comparing the two-bedroom units, both come equipped with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a separate kitchen, dining and living space. The only distinguishing factor between the two would be the addition of a 150 SQM study space for the two-bedroom plus study unit. When deciding between these two options, it is wise to identify if there is a need for an isolated working area that may limit the room’s utility. Most of the two bedders are inward-facing, offering more shelter from the sun and views of the facilities within the condominium complex. In contrast, the two-bedroom plus study units are generally outward-facing toward the other residential properties in the vicinity and offer some perspective of the attractions in the neighbourhood.

3 Bedroom/ 3 Bedroom Plus Study:

Couples or young families with small households could consider three-bedroom apartments for their generosity in living space. Typically, 3-bedroom units approximate around 70 to 100 SQM, providing ample space for children to frolic without feeling confined between walls. Similarly, with more working-from-home arrangements, it might be wiser to opt for a slightly larger home to accommodate multiple working spaces and alleviate problems of space constraints and feelings of confinement.

Additionally, such flats are large enough for your child to have a private room in the later years and for small gatherings during festive events such as Christmas and New Year. The units of this size are also easier to rent out as many mid-senior level ex-pats with or without children prefer these units over shoeboxes or larger condominiums.

Akin to the two-bedroom and two-bedroom plus study situation, the only deliberating factor between the two units is the addition of a study with the three-bedroom plus study unit.

4 Bedroom/ 4 Bedroom Dual Key:

A 4 bedroom-type unit typically caters to a family nucleus with four or more members. Since a person requires a minimum of 25 SQM to live comfortably, an average-sized family of five would require a minimum of 125 SQM to maximise occupant well-being, which all three units can satisfy.

The distinction of the dual-key unit lies in its ability to offer two separate living spaces under a single address. This dual-key apartment comprises two detached living quarters connected by a common foyer. As shown in the floor plan, the studio sub-unit includes a bedroom and a washroom where the kitchen and main dining area are to be shared. Due to its construction, the dual-key condo unit is 2% bigger in terms of floor area relative to its four-bedroom counterpart. Therefore, it is great for multi-generational living and suitable for rental opportunities.

4 Bedroom Plus Study Penthouse/ 5 Bedroom Penthouse:

While condominium complexes often have multiple units on the same floor, a penthouse usually takes up the entire building’s width and length, which translates to extra space for amenities like a rooftop garden or terrace. In addition, penthouses typically have larger rooms and more bedrooms and bathrooms compared to regular condo units for those who enjoy a more airy and open concept.

At the top of the building, penthouse owners have a designated stop on the elevator, which keeps neighbourly encounters minimal and offers utmost privacy. The height also means they are far above the noise and bustle on the city street. And since they do not have neighbours upstairs, they are not inconvenienced by general noise pollution within the block. Penthouses include many unique perks, like the jet pool, a family area that typical units do not have. In addition, the view in a penthouse is often far better than a regular condo unit, with more light and higher ceilings.

For those looking to enjoy owning a Penthouse, The Palette has two offerings, the 4 Bedroom Penthouse and the 5 Bedroom Penthouse. The difference lies in the larger floor space and additional bedroom and walk-in wardrobe in the 5 Bedroom unit.

● Barbeque Area
● Clubhouse
● Gymnasium room
● Lap pool
● Playground
● Spa pool
● Tennis courts

The Palette is accessible via the following MRT stations: Tampines North (CR6), Pasir Ris (EW1/CR5), and Tampines (DT32/EW2), with Pasir Ris station being a mere 13 mins walk away. Regarding connectivity, Pasir Ris MRT is about 35 mins away from Raffles Place MRT (EW14/DT32), which provides easy access to the North-South Line. In addition, Tampines MRT (EW2/DT23) connects to Bencoolen and the Downtown MRT station, enabling access to the Downtown Line. Block 571, Pasir Ris Central, Pasir Ris International and Ris Grandeur are the closest bus stops offering bus services to all regions of Singapore. The abundance of public transportation options offers residents of The Palette unparalleled freedom canvassing around Singapore.

Regarding transport links, The Palette is strategically located beside the Tampines Expressway (TPE) along the first left exit upon entering Pasir Ris Dr 8, making daily commutes in and out of the estate incredibly convenient and fuss-free.

Nearby Attractions:
District 18, Pasir Ris, today comprises seven sub-zones and covers approximately 1,533 ha. With a wide range of family-friendly activities available everywhere, this sprawling suburb is considered one of the best places to live in Singapore.

The NTUC entertainment hub, Downtown East, is popular among weekend holidaymakers. The 14.7-hectare hub boasts eateries, a bowling alley, chalets and several theme parks for families to gather and have fun. Wild Wild Wet, a water-based theme park, is one of the more popular attractions in the area.

White Sands Shopping Mall, known as the convenient everyday mall for Pasir Ris residents, comprises six levels of exciting lifestyle and dining options ranging from daily necessities to sporting gear. Shoppers are guaranteed to find what they’re looking for in this well-equipped mall. Besides, Elias Mall and Pasir Ris West Plaza are within a stone’s throw away from the Palette, offering the residents endless shopping entertainment.

Photo Credits: Elias Mall

Centred right at the heart of the action, Pasir Ris Grove offers residents of The Palette ease of access to many of the amenities featured above.

Residents of The Palette are also disposed to quick access to essential living amenities with the proximity of a Sheng Shiong supermarket and NTUC FoodFare to resolve hunger pangs.

The business hub and shopping district at Changi City Point is an easy 15 mins drive from The Palette via TPE and Upper Changi Road. Similarly, a quick ride down Pasir Ris Drive 1 will have you at a shopping complex consisting of megastores IKEA, Giant and Courts, a one-stop solution for all your shopping needs and fixes.

Photo Credits: IKEA Tampines

Nearby Dining Options:
Pasir Ris is home to many well-known cuisines. One prominent location to find good food at an affordable price would be the Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre.

Some of the notable mentions within the Hawker Centre are:

Tasty Street

Photo Credits: SethLui: Tasty Street


Nyonya Pok Pok Kay

Schools and Education Institute near The Palette:
Several reputable schools are available in this district to meet the needs and preferences of all families.

Within 1km:
● Coral Primary School
● Elias Park Primary School
● Park View Primary School
● Meridian Secondary School

Between 1 to 2km:
● Hai Sing Catholic School
● Dunman Secondary School
● Meridian Junior College
● Overseas Family School

Medical Centres/ Clinics near The Palette:
● Changi General Hospital
● Saint Andrew’s Community Hospital
● Sengkang General Hospital
● Parkway East Hospital
● Changi Medical Centre Pharmacy

Future Prospects:
URA Master Plan: By 2030, there will be five new Cross Island Line (CRL) stations in the East, including an interchange with the East-West Line at Pasir Ris. When operational, the CRL will be the longest MRT line with the highest number of interchange stations, with almost half of its stations linked to existing MRT stations. In addition, the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) will also be completed by 2024. These new rail lines will enhance connectivity for residents by providing an alternative east-west MRT connection from Changi to Jurong.

Photo Credits: Land Transport Authority

The Palette: A Homes For Families
The Palette is a fantastic home for most due to its accessibility to various public transport services and its proximity to the TPE, facilitating daily work commutes and weekend getaways. Additionally, the presence of parks and beaches makes for a tranquil and peaceful living environment without compromising connectivity and convenience in day-to-day living, with the plethora of amenities and attractions in the vicinity. Moreover, the prestige of its developers assures premier facilities and integrity of the development. Furthermore, the CRL and TEL initiation promises more transport networks within and connecting to Pasir Ris, boosting its overall appeal. Overall, The Palette remains the preferred choice of home for families looking to reside in the eastern part of Singapore while maintaining connectivity to the other regions.